Best places to visit in Sharjah:

Before I start to give you some information about Sharjah. 

About Sharjah:

Sharjah is the UAE city. Traditionally more conservative than Dubai. Sharjah is home to 3 of the finest deep water harbours in UAE. The location of ports in Sharjah offers a very strategic advantage.

The three port of Sharjah is port Khalid, Khor Fakkan, Hamriyah Free zone.

Port Khalid is located in the main gate of the port.

Khor Fakkan is strategically port on the Indian Ocean coast.

Best places to visit in Sharjah:

Sharjah is the arts capital of UAE. In Sharjah, you will know a part of UAE history. You can do many things like visit Sharjah art museum, central market, Sharjah museum of Islamic civilization, Al Noor Island, Sharjah Maritim museum, Souk Area, Sharjah archeology museum, Sharjah Heritage. and other beautiful places.

1- Sharjah Art Museum:

Sharjah Art museum is the largest art museum in the UAE. It was established in 1995.  The Sharjah Art museum has state of the art interior facilities of international art museum standards.

For more information visit this site.

2- Central Market:

The Central market in the most famous landmark in Sharjah. It includes more than 600 shops. Sections devoted to gold and jewelry, perfume, clothing, food, electronic, and gift type items.

3- Sharjah Museum of Islamic civilization:


It’s a good place to know more about Arab and Islamic culture and it’s the first Islamic museum opened.

To more information visit official site.

4- Souk Area:

Sharjah souk Area is one of an excellent way to know more the bustle of traditional Arabian shopping. You can move between fish souk a stinky and busy mix of noise and color and then dive into the fruit and vegetable souk.

5- Sharjah Maritime Museum:

It was opened in 2003 in the Heritage Area. You can visit it to enjoy the most interesting marine stories and explore the Emirates rich marine heritage. It’s very beautiful museum.

For more information visit this site.

6-  El Noor Island:

After visiting the island you will enjoy Art, Natural, and culture. If you need to spend a nice day try to go to it.

For more information visit Al Noor Island site.

7- Sharjah Archaeology Museum:

It’s opened in 1993. It moves to its current location on 1997. Visitors get the chance to learn more about the civilization that developed in the region since the Stone Age up until today through the artifacts, currencies, jewelry, and ancient weapons showcased in the museum.

To know more information about museums visit Sharjah museums department site.

8- Kalba:

According to Wikipedia Kalba is a town in the UAE. It is an exclave of the emirate of Sharjah lying on the Gulf of Oman coast north of Oman and south of the emirate of Fujairah. Khor Kalba an important nature reserve and mangrove is located south of the town by the Omani border.

9- Al Qasba:

You will spend a nice time in Al Qasba. You can move between Eye of the Emirates Wheel, Kids fun zone, Al Qasba musical fountain, Sharjah boats tour, Body and Soul health club & SPA and Kids fun house.

For more information Al Qasba official site.

 In the end, I hope to help you to know best places in Sharjah to spend a nice holiday in it.

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