How to get UAE visa?

UAE is available for requestors in many types. You can determine the type of visa according to your trip purpose. But people having the Israeli nationality are denied to access the UAE.

If you overstay your visit. You will buy 100 AED for every day extra.

The UAE visa Type:

1- Visa for AGCC citizen:

This visa only for people who live in Arab Gulf Co-operation states. The countries are:

  • Saudi Arabia
  • Kuwait
  • Bahrain
  • Qatar
  • Oman

2- UAE visa for the citizen of western Europe and pacific Rim:

The citizens of the following countries are eligible for a free on-arrival visa valid for 60 days and are extendable for another 30 days for 500 AED

–    South Korean                    – Malaysia

–     France                          – United kingdom

–    Japan                            – New Zealand

–    Spain                             – Finland

–    Singapore                     – Brunei

–    Greece                          – Ireland

–    Portugal                        – Denmark

–    Australia                       – Canada

–    Norway                         – Sweden

–    USA                                – Liechtenstein

–    Austria                           – Switzerland

–    San Marino                   – Luxembourg

–    Andorra                        – Iceland

–    Belgium                        – Holland

–    Vatican city                  – Monaco

–    Italy

3- Visit visa to the UAE:

If you need to visit your relatives or do business for more than 14 days in UAE then the visit Visa is the best choose for you. In order to get this visa, you need a sponsor who lives in UAE whether it is licensed company, hotel or a resident. If your sponsoring is a relative he needs to deposit a 2000 AED as a guarantee refundable.

You need to provide your sponsor with the following:

–    A copy of the first pages of your passport

–    Your arrival’s flight details and date

4- Tourist UAE Visa:

A tourist visa enables you to stay in the UAE for 30 ( non-extendable ) days. To get this visa you need a sponsor who is a licensed tour operator or a hotel. Tourist visa can be obtained by the citizens of the following countries:

–    South Africa              –  Singapore

–    Thailand                    –  China

–    Cyprus                        – Malta

–    Mexico                       – St Lucia

–    Russia                        – Albania

–    Ukraine                      – Poland

–    Turkey                        – East & West Europe

–    Bulgaria                     – Guyana

–    Belize                         – Cuba

5- Multiple entry visa :

If you visit UAE frequently due to business. The best visa for you is multiple entry visa. This visa is valid for 6 months. Unlike other visas, you can’t get this visa directly. You will have to enter the country under a visit visa then apply for multiple entry permits while you are there.

6- 96 hours visa for Transit travel: 

If you are stopping in Dubai international airport during your flight to another country and you will be staying more than 8 hours. you will need this visa. To get this visa you must have:

–    A passport valid for at least 3 month

–    The 3rd destination must be booked

–    You have to be sponsored by an airline only.

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In the end, I hoped to helped you to know How to get UAE visa?. see you in UAE.

Have a nice day.



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